Welcome to Holy Cannoli Bakery

We welcome you to Holy Cannoli, a taste of the north right here in the small southern town of Barefoot Bay. We are an authentic bakery with a wide variety of offerings. Our bakers have decades of baking experience, including running family-owned bakeries in Connecticut. We are a small business dedicated to bringing a quality product to our customers while also giving back to the local community.

A Small BUsiness with a big heart

Here at Holy Cannoli, we have two goals we strive to meet. The first is providing a quality product for our customers. The second is to give back to our community.

We started the bakery in hopes to be able to make donations to those in need throughout the community. Our main focus was in giving back to veterans who served our country, but we are always on the lookout to help anyone who needs a helping hand. On your next visit, ask to see the binder of those we have helped with donations.

The Beginnings and now

Frank Cavaliere (a.k.a. "Frank the Baker") and John McCarthy brainstormed the idea of bringing a bakery to the Bay. Both residents of Barefoot Bay, they wanted to bring a real bakery to the area. They also wanted a way to give back to the community. John ran the front end of the business and Frank focused on the baking and production. Frank's son, Mike, joined the crew shortly after. Mike grew up in the baking world as a kid working in the family bakery. He has grown to develop a love and knack for baking. In July of 2020, John suddenly passed away, leaving a hole in the business and breaking the hearts of both staff and customers alike. Frank remains on the baking and decorating staff, but the ownership has officially been passed on to Mike and a pair of promising young baking talents.

our bakery is a taste of the north right here in the bay!

One step into our store and the memories of the bakeries from the northeast will come flooding back to you. From the smell of fresh-baked Italian bread and hard rolls to cookies made from scratch, you will surely be transported back to the neighborhood bakeries of states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. If you have never experienced the bakeries of the northeast then you will be in for a treat.

Our bakery is much more than just baked goods, though. You will find breakfast sandwiches to start your day, soup and sandwiches for lunch, pizza and even grab-and-go meals to take home and heat and eat. We even have ice cream available! And, of course, no visit is complete without ordering the cannoli!